REURB 2020, this is the name of the new set of measures, which aims to avoid the postponement of private property investments already scheduled, mitigating the effect of the crisis on real estate investment and thus also supporting the recovery of the civil construction sector.

Buildings inserted in subdivisions can benefit from this benefit, whose permits have been issued and paid between March 14 and the end of this year 2020. The “discount” of 50% falls on “all settled urban taxes except the land tax. compensation, occupation rates in the public domain for the execution of the work as well as traffic conditioning ”.

But the promoters must comply with some assumptions, namely not having debts to the municipality, and conclude the contract by the end of 2022. They must also pay the entire tax at the beginning of the work, the benefit granted being returned at the end of the work, «upon request of the interested party, accompanied by the work book and the term of responsibility of the work director or the inspection director attesting the completion of the work in accordance with the licensed project ». The beneficiary of the return will be the owner of the process at the date of completion of the work.

97% of teleworking urbanism accelerates processes

In the course of the pandemic, 97% of human resources in urban planning are already working remotely. «The activity is still alive, informing, dispatching and issuing documents»

The mayor guarantees that «the fact that the Porto City Council has been dematerialized for more than a year has contributed to this fact, and that the urban planning service has been in digital form for more than four or five years».

In the current circumstances, the promise is to “accelerate the appreciation of urban processes during the year 2020”.

Within the scope of REURB, the municipality proposes to reduce the processing times of all eligible processes whose investment is equal to or greater than 1 million euros of work.

In this case, processes are included «urban planning operations for licensing or prior communication of building works, urbanization works and some subdivisions (excluding PIPs, legalizations, authorizations for use, etc.) whose payment of fees and collection of the respective (s) ( s) permit (s) to take place between March 14th and the end of the calendar year 2020 ».

Source: Vida Imobiliária

April 15, 2020